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Go client package for VinylDNS
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A Golang client for the vinyldns DNS as a service API.


Basic usage requires instantiating a client and using the vinyldns/api.go methods to interact with vinyldns:

For example:

import ""

client := vinyldns.NewClient(vinyldns.ClientConfiguration{

// For example, fetch zones...
// returns vinyldns.Error, []vinyldns.Zone
zs, err := client.Zones()

Alternatively, NewClientFromEnv instantiates a client from the following environment variables:

import ""

client := vinyldns.NewClientFromEnv()

See vinyldns/${resource}_resources.go files for the various vinyldns resource structs.

See vinyldns/${resource}.go files for the various vinyldns API methods.


Install dependencies:

make deps

Run tests w/ code coverage:

make test


make install
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