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ChRL Collection

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The ChRL-Collection is a set of various extensions of existing frameworks, making them easier to use due enhanced api wrappers and common used preconfigurations.
The intention is to reduce the coders work to a minimum and keep his code as simple and short as possible.

   "The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools."
         - Confucius


Utils Module

Dependency Status - chrl-utils

Common used utils.


  • at.chrl.nutils.ClassUtils
    • getString, hashCode and equalse template functions.
  • at.chrl.nuitls.DatasetGenerator
    • Generates instances of given class and filling attributes recursively.
    • Uses Objenesis
  • at.chrl.nutils.Memoizer
    • Wrapper functions for Function and Predicate implementations, for quick chaching.
  • at.chrl.nutils.Rnd
    • Collection of random functions, e.g. get random element of a array.
  • at.chrl.nutils.interfaces.INestedCollection and at.chrl.nutils.interfaces.INestedMap
    • Instances of classes which implements one of this two interfaces can be used like the nested collection returned by the abstract getter function.

Config Module

Dependency Status - chrl-config

Powerfull configuration framework.


  • The Property annotation is used by the framework to load and write from a .properties file.
  • Type detection via reflection API.
  • Properties can used directly as object instance.
@Property(key = "", defaultValue = "0")
public static int NIO_READ_THREADS;
  • Supported configuration types:
    • Boolean
    • Byte
    • Character
    • Double
    • Float
    • Integer
    • Long
    • Short
    • String
    • Enums
    • Arrays
    • java.util.function.Function
    • java.util.function.BiFunction
    • File
    • Date
    • java.util.regex.Patter
    • Class
    • PrintStreams
    • InetSocketAddress

Cron Module

Dependency Status - chrl-cron

Cron API which is based on the Quartz library.


CronService.getInstance().schedule(() -> {
}, "*/2 * * * * ?");

ORM Module

Dependency Status - chrl-orm

Additional Modules

Dependency Status - chrl-parent
Dependency Status - chrl-spring-sample
Dependency Status - chrl-spring
Dependency Status - chrl-rebellion
Dependency Status - chrl-orm-spring-integration
Dependency Status - chrl-callbacks
Dependency Status - chrl-callback-utils

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