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Provide userscript support for modern browsers.

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  1. violentmonkey violentmonkey Public

    Violentmonkey provides userscripts support for browsers. It works on browsers with WebExtensions support.

    JavaScript 4.9k 411

  2. generator-userscript generator-userscript Public

    A yeoman generator to create a userscript project rapidly

    JavaScript 72 2

  3. violentmonkey-mx violentmonkey-mx Public

    Violentmonkey, userscripts support for Maxthon.

    JavaScript 49 29

  4. vm-shortcut vm-shortcut Public

    Register a shortcut for a function

    TypeScript 39 2

  5. violentmonkey-oex violentmonkey-oex Public archive

    Violentmonkey, userscripts support for Opera (Presto).

    JavaScript 38 21

  6. vm-dom vm-dom Public

    Use JSX for HTML elements.

    TypeScript 32 6


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