An implementation of semi-supervised VAE for morphology reinflection.
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To run experiments for SIGMORPHON 2016, first download training, validatation and test data here.

Second, process data to make the following preparations as shown in line 65 in semi_models/

  1. vocabulary size of all characters (voc_size), total number of labels (class_num), the list of number of classes for each label (label_list)
  2. dictionary that maps index to character (ix_to_char), dictionary that map index to labels (ix_to_label).

To process train, valid, test data, for each word, we first return a list of character indexes in the vocabulary and a list of labels. Note that a word doesn't possess all linguistic labels, in this case, we augment each label with an additional class that means the word doesn't have this label.
During training, we batch a group of words by padding them to an identical length. For labels, we process labels of a batch of words as one-hot vectors for each label respectively and return a list of batched one-hot labels.

A running example is given under the run_commands folder for turkish.