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Body Tracking with Depth Sensor Cameras course

This repository contains the files for the SOSE 2021 course "Body tracking in closed spaces with depth sensor cameras" at the Institute for Geoinformatics at the University of Münster. In this course we will be using three different depth cameras. After the theoretical background, the exercises will give more insights on the data available and the code manipulation for accessing it.

Installation intructions

To find the install process described for your device, go to the Wiki of this repository and found your device! You will find a page for each depth camera available with the following content:

  • Requirements
  • Install instructions
  • Testing configuration
  • Useful links


In the repository, you will the docs folder with the tutorials per device

  1. Kinect V2 Tutorials Updated to (2021)

Course topics

  1. Introduction to the course
  2. Tracking technologies and techniques
  3. Depth sensor technologies. Concepts and techniques
  4. Identifying human body cues with depth cameras
  5. Depth cameras hardware overview
  6. Depth cameras models

Slides links will be available soon!


The tutorials are based on the dynamics from Kinect V02 Tutorial (2015) but the code has been updated to work for Windows 10 applications using the Windows.Kinect library as in the Kinect V2 SDK Samples. We hope this is helpful for other developers using KinectV2 on 2021!


Course material for the "Body tracking with depth cameras" course