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Ellipse and Line Segment Detector

Source code taken from the ELSD project page:

From the original README:

ABOUT THIS SOURCE CODE The files in this folder contain the source code of ELSD, published in 'A Parameterless Line Segment and Elliptical Arc Detector with Enhanced Ellipse Fitting', V. Patraucean, P. Gurdjos, R. Grompone von Gioi, ECCV2012.

Corresponding author: viorica patraucean

The code generating and validating line segment hypotheses is taken up from LSD source code, available at

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

If you use this code in your research, please cite the paper above.

Note that an enhanced version of the detector is available at

REQUIREMENTS The ELSD source code needs the CLAPACK/CBLAS library for some linear algebra computations. Version 3.2.1 was used.

SOURCE CODE FILES 'elsd.c' contains the main() function, some general functions (e.g. read/write pgm images), and functions shared by the line segment detection part and the ellipse detection part (e.g. NFA computation); 'process_line.c' contains functions used to produce and validate line segment hypotheses; the code is taken up mainly from LSD source code. 'process_curve.c' contains functions used to produce ellipse/circle hypotheses; 'valid_curve.c' contains functions to validate circle/ellipse hypotheses; 'write_svg.c' functions to write the result in svg format.

COMPILATION 'makefile' example of makefile to compile the source code. If the paths to the libraries are ok, a simple 'make' would compile the code and produce the executable called 'elsd'.

EXECUTION ./elsd imagename runs ELSD on the image specified by 'imagename'. This ELSD version works only with PGM images. This folder contains the image 'stars.pgm' for testing purposes.

OUTPUT 'imagename.svg' contains the execution result in SVG format. 'stars.pgm.svg' contains the result for the sample image 'stars.pgm'.
'ellipses.txt' contains the parameters of the detected circular/elliptical arcs in the form 'x_c y_c a b theta ang_start ang_end'. In the console, the name of the output svg file is displayed, and the number of features of each type. For the 'stars.pgm' image, the output is stars.pgm.svg 16 elliptical arcs, 322 circular arcs, 165 line segments.


Ellipse and Segment Line Detector




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