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Mastr Cntrl

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Mastr Cntrl is the indieweb server for this blog.


Content is routed via this server (hosted on Heroku). Anything POST'ed and accepted to the server is POST'ed to the Github API.

This triggers a webhook that tells Netlify to rebuild the Jekyll site static site.

POST'ed content also triggers a webhook informing Mastr Cntrl to syndicate/post/update content to 3rd party providers.

Currently webmentions are updated from on a nightly basis, via a Zapier zap. In future Mastr Cntrl will manage this.


  • This service uses Redis for cache management with Redis to go add-on
  • Heroku is used to host this.

Support / Roadmap

In progress

  • [Webmention] replies. Partial support. Code is captured and added to files.
  • [Webmentions] sending is not automated yet.
  • [Webmention] RSVP
  • [Webmention] Like
  • [Webmention] Bookmarking

Currently Supported

Not yet supported

  • POSSE - Syndicating to other providers is currently handled by Zapier. This will be superseded.
  • Syndication Endpoint - Mastr Cntrl needs to accept incoming PESOS requests.
  • Media Endpoint - Mastrl Cntrl doesn't upload media from external sources yet.
  • Bookmarking In theory it is supported. But in practice nothing is being done on this yet.
  • Scheduled/Automated updating of webmentions (see above).
  • Accepting Webmentions.


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