This cookbook installs package for Google Cloud Logging and starts the agent
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google-cloud-logging Cookbook

This cookbook installs package for Google Cloud Logging and starts the agent (google-fluentd).

This cookbook does the following:

  1. Configures the required apt or yum repository. The environment variable REPO_SUFFIX can be set to alter which repository is used. A dash (-) will be inserted prior to the supplied suffix. Example values are 'unstable' or '20151027-1'.
  2. Installs the logging agent.
  3. Installs "catch-all" configuration files (unless the environment variable DO_NOT_INSTALL_CATCH_ALL_CONFIG is set to suppress this.)
  4. Starts the logging agent.
  5. Sends a test message which should be visible in the log viewer.

Google Cloud Logging collects and stores logs from applications and services on the Google Cloud Platform:

  • View your logs with the Logs Viewer, including third-party logs from your virtual machine instances.
  • Export your logs to Google Cloud Storage, Google BigQuery, or Google Cloud Pub/Sub.
  • Create logs-based metrics to use for monitoring and alerting in Google Cloud Monitoring.
  • Get immutable audit logs for auditing and compliance.
  • Use the Cloud Logging API to read, write, and configure logs.



The platforms supported are Amazon Linux, Debian/Ubuntu, Redhat/CentOS


The cookbook uses default package managers for the platform



License and Authors

Authors: Vipin Thomas, Karthik Subramanian