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How to contact Vipps Integration

Hello! 👋 We love email!

We help with technical issues

We help with technical issues, such as questions about using our APIs.

What to include in the email

So, for technical questions: Send an email to with all relevant information:

  • A concise, self-explanatory Subject line, such as "POST:/something gives HTTP 400 response".
  • Your contact information (if not in your email signature):
    • Name
    • Phone number
  • Company details
  • Which Vipps product this is about
  • If you are a new Vipps customer, please include detailas about when and how you ordered Vipps.
  • For eCommerce issues: Which eCommerce solution you are using, and which version
  • Always include a detailed description of the problem
  • For API issues: Complete request and response details (plain HTTP from Postman, or curl is preferred, and ensures the quickest response)
  • For app issues: Specify iOS or Android, and the app version
  • Screenshots, if applicable
  • Any other information that may be relevant

Click here for a draft email that includes placeholders for the above.

Keep your colleagues up to date

If you want colleagues to be included in all communication regarding this issue, add them in the To: or CC: field of the email. Any updates to the issue will be sent to all email addresses in the original email.

Automatic reply

You will get an auto-reply from us with an issue number like VSD-1234 in the Subject line. This is the unique number for this specific issue, and is used to connect all communication about this issue in our systems.

The auto-reply is sent from a real e-mail address, which you can reply to ✌️

Adding additional information

If you want to send additional information about the same issue, please reply to the email, without changing the Subject line.

Please remove previous communication when replying to an email, do not quote all the other messages - we already have them.

Response time

We will help as quickly as possible, but due to large variations in the number of requests and the varying complexity of resolving them, we can not guarantee response times.

More than one problem, or a new one?

Please send separate emails for each problem. If you send an email about a new problem by replying to an old issue, it may delay our response.