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Postman guide

A guide on how to set up a Postman collection and environment for Vipps APIs.

Go to Github and download the JSON files for the API that you want to test (or copy raw text).

Vipps Postman resources

Product Resource
Vipps Invoice Folder
Vipps PSP Collection, Folder
Vipps Recurring Collection, Environment, Folder
Vipps eCommerce v2 Collection, Environment, Folder

Import files

Start by importing the JSON files into Postman (or paste raw text).

Vipps Developer Postman: Import

The Postman collection will appear in the left sidebar. Select the associated environment from the drop-down menu.

Click the eye to see all variables.

Vipps Developer Postman: Imported

Insert values

Click Editand paste in values for each variable. Make sure the values are pasted into both INITIAL VALUE and CURRENT VALUE.

Some variables will be set/updated automatically throughout the calls.

Read the documentation to find out which variables that must be set manually.

Vipps Developer Postman: Values


Some methods requires a body with information that gets sent with the request. Vipps provide pre-populated test data, but this can be modified.

You might want to make the same request from your own application. You can generate snippets of code in various languages that will help you do this. Click the Code link to open the "Generate code snippets" modal.

Vipps Developer Postman: Tabs

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