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Vipps Settlements

The settlement flow is as follows:

  1. Day 1: A customer makes a purchase and the transaction is completed. If the purchased product is shipped later, the "day 1" is the day the product is shipped and the customer's account is charged.
  2. Day 2: Settlement files are distributed, and are available in the Vipps portal:
  3. Day 3 (the next bank day) at 16:00: Payments are made from Vipps.
  4. Day 5 (the third bank day): The settlement is booked with reference by the bank.

See for more details.

Settlement reports

Settlement reports are provided in these formats:

Format Example Specification
OCR OCRV20170114.sample.txt ocr-spec.xlsx
CSV settlement-report.csv -
XML Example-Gross.xml, Example-Net.xml SettlementReport-3.0.xsd

Please note: Vipps does not provide settlement reports for Vipps Regninger, as payments are made directly from the user to the merchant. All payments are included in the OCR files provided by the merchant's bank.

SFTP report service

The SFTP report service is used for downloading settlement reports. SFTP-users are created, associated with a public key, and given access to the reports of one or more merchants. The reports are generated dynamically upon request.

Details: See the sftp-report-service folder.


OCR files are distributed in different ways, and will soon move to an SFTP-based distribution.

Documentation for the legacy solution: Vipps Faktura.

Details: See the ocr folder.


CSV files are sent by email.

Details: See the csv folder.


XML files are sent by email.

Details: See the xml folder.


PDF files are sent by email.

Details: See the pdf folder.