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Python library to generate guitar tabs from MIDI files
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Python library to generate guitar tabs from MIDI files


# Install globaly
$ pip install tayuya

# Install only for the current user
$ pip install --user tayuya


>>> from tayuya import MIDIParser
>>> mid = MIDIParser('sample.mid', track=0)
>>> print(mid.render_tabs())

Don't forget to set the track argument with the appropriate track number desired.

Get track numbers of all the tracks in the MIDI file

>>> from tayuya import MIDIParser
>>> mid = MIDIParser('sample.mid', track=0)
>>> mid.get_tracks()
{0: 'Lead Guitar',
 1: 'Rhthym Guitar Dist',
 2: 'Acoustic Guitar',
 3: 'Rhthym Guitar Clean & Dist',
 4: 'Lead Guitar Fill',
 5: 'Guitar Harmonics',



Get all notes played in the MIDI track

>>> mid = MIDIParser('sample.mid', track=0)
>>> mid.notes_played()
[{'note': 'C#5', 'time': 18},
 {'note': 'C#5', 'time': 30},
 {'note': 'B4', 'time': 26},
 {'note': 'C5', 'time': 0},
 {'note': 'C5', 'time': 28},
 {'note': 'C#5', 'time': 28},
 {'note': 'C#5', 'time': 30}]

Get key of the track

>>> mid = MIDIParser('sample.mid', track=0)
>>> mid.get_key()


Get all notes to play

You can use this example to generate all the notes to play with their string and fret positions.

>>> mid = MIDIParser('sample.mid', track=0)
>>> tabs = Tabs(notes=mid.notes_played(), key=mid.get_key())
>>> tabs.generate_notes(tabs.find_start())
[('C#3', 5, 4),
 ('G#3', 4, 6),
 ('C#4', 3, 6),
 ('F4', 2, 6),
 ('B2', 6, 7),
 ('D#3', 5, 6),
 ('F#3', 4, 4),
 ('B3', 3, 4),
 ('D#4', 3, 8),
 ('F#2', 6, 2)]

Each tuple here is (note, string, fret)

How it works?

Here's a brief of how it works:

  • Fetch a track from the MIDI file
  • Find all the notes played and convert from MIDI code values to music notes
  • Find a scale for the set of notes extracted
  • Find the best position to play the extracted notes using the scale detected


  • Works only for guitar solos. Implementation for determination and rendering of chords is not done yet.
  • Works only for standard tuning (E A D G B E)


  • Render tabs using Lilypond or some GUI alternative
  • Implement logic to determine and render chords
  • Better the scale detection implementation
  • Transposing
  • Add way to handle non standard tuning
  • More stringed instruments




Tayuya is made possible by following open source softwares:

The name

Tayuya (たゆや)

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