A list of talks/workshops/conferences/hackathons given/taken/attended/participated by Vipul Gupta (@vipulgupta2048)
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Talks with 2048

HitCount Open Source Love

About 2048

This repository acts as a showcase... of just about everything I loved doing in my college years (Thankfully, I ain't done yet) It's a gauge I keep for progress and personal development.

I love to giving back to the open-source community in whatever way I can. Hence, all the resources used in those talks are kept open-source and public for anyone to use and view in whatever capacity they see fit. Adding on to it, this repository is also a tracker of conferences that I attended/was invited/volunteered for. Networking and listening to people has always been the one activity that sparks my interests.

Update#2 - From 2018, I added a new section for hackathon. I think hackathons are a great way to learn fast, implement faster, and learn from mistakes of the past. A ideology that I throroughly believe in.

At last, I am thankful for everyone who gave their feedback, shared opportunities and asked questions. Every bit of college helped me in my growth essentially. I hope this information is useful and inspiring, for people looking to contribute and expose themselves for everything that is out there and make the most of it.

Talks with 2048

Title of the talk Link for Proposal Status - Other Comments
Introduction to Git Link for proposal [Delivered] Repo Vanilla used for tutorial.
CSE essentials Link for proposal [Delivered] Basic content covered - IRC, Shell commands, git, mailing list guidelines, community guidelines; for juniors in Amity University
Fish: The terminal     Flash Talks [Delivered] @ Women who Go meetup - IIIT-D - What is Fish, showing my configuration. How it's better and more productive.
Mentored Dev-Sprints for PyDelhi, Sugar Labs No links [Delivered] Once a month at PyDelhi meetups, in which many organisation mentors come together to contribute and solve issues
Plymouth 101: Bootloader's Frontend     Link for proposal [Delivered] - ILUG-D - WeWork Meetup, Slides
Keeping your Dotfiles in check with Python     Link for proposal [Proposed] - PyCon India 2018
Understanding GitHub Flow: Conquering Conflicts Spontaneous [Delivered] Repo Vanilla used for tutorial : Slides at PyDelhi Devsprints
DotFiles 101 and maintaining them with Python Link for proposal [Delivered] Slides- PyDelhi Meetup @ Microsoft Corp, Gurugram : Check out the BLOG
Bot Creation BootCamp Link for proposal [Delivered] Slides SocialCops, Saket, New Delhi @ LinuxChix India Meetup - 2 September 2018
How to contribute to Open-Source Lightening talk [Delivered] E2E Networks @ PyDelhi Meetup - 1 September 2018, Blog Post for reference
Google Summer of Code - Headstart Session Spontaneous [Delivered] Invited for a talk about my experience with Google Summer of Code alongwith Ajay Garg and the coding blocks team at Amity University by IUCEE Club - Addressed about 80 Students based on my popular blog
Green dots doesn't matter contributing does Delivered [Selected] Mozfest 2018 - Slides
FSoSS 2018 New York Proposal [Couldn't go] Community Talks - Managing dotfiles with Homely
Sugar Port - My GSoC project with Sugar Labs Lightening talk [Delivered] At Google London Office for a lightening talk on my Google Summer of Code project, Sugar Port. Slides
Mytrah talks 2018 Selected among 100+ case studies to present at Amity University [Delivered] At Amity University in front of diverse crowd of scientists, reaserchers and students working on renewable energy and sustainable environment. Video !@! Slides

Conferences with 2048

Conference Website/Link for event Comments
PyDelhi Conference 2017 Website Attendee - My first tech conference
PyCon India 2017 Website Contributed to the Pycon India 2017 official website, wrote 10+ blogs and volunteered onsite for the event. I re-designed sections of the website, fixed bugs and wrote blog posts for the various sponsors and keynote speakers + GitHub links - https://goo.gl/EiPRN2 and https://goo.gl/acgrf9
Confluence 2018 Website Speaker Commitee - Assisted Ms. Marde Helbig from the University of Pretoria, South Africa - Related blog post
Google I/O Extended 2018 Website Attendee - Session Proposed - Led a small discussion on Google Summer of Code
Google Cloud Summit 2018 : Delhi Website Invited on behalf of Sugar Labs to participate and learn about Google Cloud Platform and meet fellow googlers
PyCon India 2018 Website Proposed Talk and Development Manager - Supervising, and reviewing all work and development regarding the Official PyCon India 2018 Website, Blog, Twitter bots, Social Media Outreach, Apps and more.
Mytrah Talks 2018 Website Presented Case Study at Mytrah Talks 2018 Noida infront of hundreds of panelists and experts of the sustainable development field, case Study won the first prize
Linux Foundation's Open Source Summit 2018 Website Awarded scholarship a travel stipend and full-access ticket to the conference worth 1000$ happening in Edinburgh, UK
Mozfest 2018 Website Facilitator and volunteer in the Youth Zone of the 8 track mega festival of Mozilla at Ravensbourne College, London, UK
Sustain Summit 2018 Website Invited to represent as a sustainer to represent Sugar Labs and ALiAS
TechDay London 2018 Website Attended to explore opportunities with London's best startups

Hackathons with 2048

Hackathons Links Comments
HackIIIT 2018 Website 3rd Prize and best woman participant - Made the emotion-based Music Player, called StacksFX by team StacksFX, blog post for reference
HackMIT 2018 Website Project Wats'on The Roof selected for IBM: Call for Code - Global Challenge blog post for reference
Hack Moscow 2018 Website Selected as a Lonewolf