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Full name: Alex K. Chen

Recruiter: Vipul Naik, with Issa Rice

Wikipedia handle: Simfish


Notes: The structure of the payment system for Alex K. Chen differs from that for later editors.

Please see for a full list of tasks, payments, etc. in an easier-to-understand format.

Table of Contents



Note that not all these pages were funded by me! However, I do pay on a per-pageview basis even for pages whose creation I don't fund.


(to be filled in)

Work and payments in 2017

Total money earned as income in 2017: $2.50

Pending payment from 2016: $3373

Payment made: $4000 (check deposited January 19)

Return payment received: $624.50 (made via Venmo November 6)

Net pending payment: 0


  • Thomas Foster: 10% on $25 = $2.50

Bounty offers in 2016

List of bounty offers for Alex K. Chen (AKC).

For each, there is a "start by" date and a "finish by" date. The start by date is to encourage a reasonable starting time and reduce the risk of substantial conflict in our ideas of what exactly the page should contain.

Wherever it says "(to be determined)" that means a candidate hasn't yet been decided for the week. For each week, AKC is free to propose candidates from within the long list below, or even some other candidate, by the Tuesday before the deadline. Otherwise Vipul might put in his own candidate by the end of Tuesday and AKC needs to finish that.

At the end of each Sunday, AKC should have completed a total of at least (number of weeks so far - 8) bounties. The "-8" is to account for the fact that AKC expected January off, as well as extra time spent by him improving an existing set of timeline pages.

AKC can do multiple bounties a week, thereby building a surplus of bounties completed, allowing him to take more time off later in the year.

Current delay: 1 week Maximum acceptable delay: 4 weeks

  • Start by January 8, finish by January 10: Timeline of online food delivery
  • Start by January 15, finish by January 17: Timeline of
  • Start by January 22, finish by January 24: Timeline of Microsoft
  • Start by January 29, finish by January 31 (delayed): Timeline of Intel
  • Start by February 5, finish by February 7 (delayed): CrunchFund
  • Start by February 12, finish by February 14 (delayed): Garry Tan
  • Start by February 19, finish by February 21 (on-track): M. G. Siegler
  • Start by February 26, finish by February 28 (on-track): Paige Craig
  • Start by February 29, finish by March 6 (on-track): Scott Stanford (investor)
  • Start by March 7, finish by March 13: Initialized Capital
  • Start by March 14, finish by March 20: Data Collective
  • Start by March 21, finish by March 27: Matthew Emerton
  • Start by April 1, finish by April 3: Uri Simonsohn
  • Start by April 8, finish by April 10: Thomas C. Leonard
  • Finish by April 17: Timeline of Instagram
  • Start by April 22, finish by April 24: Timeline of LinkedIn
  • Start by April 29, end by May 1: Timeline of Dropbox
  • Start by May 6, end by May 8: Coatue Management
  • Start by May 13, end by May 15: Maverick Capital
  • Start by May 20, end by May 22 (significantly delayed): Timeline of Netflix
  • Start by May 27, end by May 29 (significantly delayed): Timeline of WhatsApp
  • Start by June 3, end by June 5 (delayed by one week): Timeline of Xiaomi
  • Start by June 10, end by June 12 (delayed by a few days): Timeline of Amazon Web Services
  • Start by June 17, end by June 19 (finishing touches delayed): Timeline of
  • Start by June 24, end by June 26: Timeline of Lyft
  • Start by July 1, end by July 3 (delayed): Timeline of Nordstrom
  • Start by July 8, end by July 10 (delayed 3 weeks): Timeline of online video
  • Start by July 15, end by July 17 (delayed 23 days): Timeline of Valve Corporation
  • Start by July 22, end by July 24 (delayed 22 days): Timeline of Monsanto
  • Start by July 29, end by July 31 (delayed 8 weeks, to September 25): Michael Seibel
(more weeks, months to be added).

Work and total money due in 2016

Total due: $4265.60

Completed pages

Total so far: $2291

  • Timeline of online food delivery: $55 ($50 original + $5 for adding more stuff)
  • Timeline of $250
  • Timeline of Microsoft: $128 ($125 for original, $3 for adding acquisition of LinkedIn)
  • Timeline of Intel: $150
  • CrunchFund: $50
  • Garry Tan: $50
  • M. G. Siegler: $50
  • Paige Craig: $57 ($50 for initial page creation, $7 for additional edits/fixes)
  • Scott Stanford (investor): $50
  • Initialized Capital: $50
  • Data Collective: $50
  • Matthew Emerton: $15
  • Uri Simonsohn: $25
  • Thomas C. Leonard: $25
  • Timeline of Instagram: $100
  • Timeline of LinkedIn $81 ($75 for original, $3 for adding acquisition by Microsoft, $3 for adding acquisition of SlideShare)
  • Timeline of Dropbox: $75
  • Coatue Management: $35
  • Maverick Capital: $35
  • Timeline of Netflix: $135
  • Timeline of WhatsApp: $120
  • Timeline of Xiaomi: $75
  • Timeline of Amazon Web Services: $95
  • Timeline of $40
  • Timeline of Lyft: $40
  • Timeline of Nordstrom: $75 ($50 for the page, $25 for getting started on clothing)
  • Timeline of online video: $175
  • Timeline of Valve Corporation: $75
  • Timeline of Monsanto: $80
  • Michael Seibel: $50

Other work

General work improving timelines: $200. Completed September 24, 2016.

Commissions on recruits

Thomas Foster $105, 10% commission = $10.50

= Royalties

Total: $1764.10

  • 297832 pageviews for pages made before 2015, at $0.0005/pageview, giving $148.92
  • 652067 pageviews for pages made in 2015, at $0.00125/pageview, giving $815.08
  • 400052 pageviews for pages made in 2016, at $0.002/pageview, giving $800.10

Work in 2015

In 2015, Alex K. Chen was paid on a pageview basis for all articles created in 2015. For some articles, additional bounties were instituted for the creation of quality and comprehensive articles.

Completed pages with bounties

  • Parker Conrad (accidental/retroactive bounty): $25.
  • Timeline of Reddit: $60 + $3. Created in May 2015, $3 additional pay for improving it in July.
  • Timeline of Uber: $35 + $3. Created in June 2015, $3 additional pay for improving it in July.
  • Proof School: $25. Created in July 2015.
  • Timeline of Quora: $25. Created in July 2015.
  • Public Welfare Foundation: $25. Created in August 2015.
  • Inside Philanthropy: $25. Created in August 2015.
  • Eroom's Law: $25. Created in October 2015.
  • Timeline of Tesla Motors: $75. Created in November 2015.
  • Timeline of Square: $200. Created in November 2015.
  • Project Healthy Children: $25. Created in November 2015.
  • The Humane League: $20. Created in November 2015.

Work before 2015

Alex K. Chen was not paid before 2015. However, articles he had created before 2015 were still eligible for pageview-based payment. Since this payment was instituted long after the article creation, it would not have affected the creation of the articles.

Potential pages

In addition to these, please feel free to pick from the unreserved pages at However, if picking from the larger list, please check with Vipul in advance AND make sure he marks it as reserved so that the same article is not given to another editor.


  • Michael Seibel of Y Combinator: $75 for a high-quality page, $50 for something decent.


  • Facebook Live: Facebook's live-streaming platform. $90

Technology company timelines

(none at present)

Clothing retail timelines

  • Timeline of Forever 21: Forever 21 gets about 12K a month. Proposed bounty: $40
  • Timeline of Saks Fifth Avenue: Saks Fifth Avenue gets about 10K a month. Proposed bounty: $35

Other large retail company timelines

Note that the Wikipedia pages already have history sections, and the timeline should go above and beyond simply tabulating that history section.

  • Timeline of Costco. Proposed bounty: $60
  • Timeline of 7-Eleven. Proposed bounty: $60
  • Timeline of Kmart. Proposed bounty: $60

Biotechnology companies

  • Timeline of Gilead Sciences. Proposed bounty: $40

Other big companies

  • Timeline of ExxonMobil: Proposed bounty: $90. Note that there is already ap retty thorough history page, so your timeline needs to go above and beyond simpy tabulating the history.

Other large timelines

  • Timeline of online payments (again, you have to choose a suitable name): $175

Other concepts

  • Newsjacking (the concept, not just the book by that name): $35. It's been deleted before, so be very careful to create something that will survive deletion. If it gets deleted in 30 days you don't make the money.
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