PyOOSSIM: Python bindings for OSSIM
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+ File	: README						   
+ Author : Vipul Raheja
+ License : LGPL

Project Description:
PyOSSIM will act as a Python wrapper to the OSSIM core library, making 
available the functionalities of OSSIM core libraries via Python, 
originally written in C++.

Many GIS analysis tools like GRASS and QGIS, as well as libraries like 
GDAL have the Python binding support, but OSSIM also needed it in order 
to enable these tools and libraries to interact with it. In this way, 
we are making available the functionalities of OSSIM to these GIS and 
remote sensing analysis tools and libraries.

Project Links:
GSoC Proposal:
OSSIM Wiki/Weekly Reports:
GitHub Repository and Wiki:

Archive Details:
Source/Plugin Folders: src 
Readme File: README
Diff File: VipulRaheja.diff
PyOSSIM Code Folder: src/pyossim

Author Details:
Name: Vipul Raheja
E-Mail: vipul[dot]iiith[at]gmail[dot]com, vipul.raheja[at]research[dot]iiit[dot]ac[dot]in
IRC: acemcloud