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Filename : ossimImageModel.i
Author : Vipul Raheja
License : See top level LICENSE.txt file.
Description : Contains SWIG-Python of class ossimImageModel
%module pyossim
#include <vector>
#include <ossim/base/ossimConstants.h>
#include <ossim/base/ossimObject.h>
#include <ossim/base/ossimDpt.h>
#include <ossim/base/ossimRtti.h>
#include <ossim/imaging/ossimImageModel.h>
/* Handling unclean parsing of Macros */
#ifndef TYPE_DATA
#define TYPE_DATA
/* Handling the vector<ossimDpt> */
%include "std_vector.i"
namespace std
%template(vectorossimDpt) vector<ossimDpt>;
/* Include the header file containing the declarations to be wrapped */
%import "ossim/base/ossimDrect.h"
%import "ossim/base/ossimConstants.h"
%include "ossim/imaging/ossimImageModel.h"
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