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OpenGL playground
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glew and glfw3, both availabe via homebrew:

$ brew install glew && brew install glfw3

Phong Shader


$ make phong


$ ./phong.exe

new alt

Effervescent bubbles were built up in steps


Shader #0 In which, we create a baby shader to test our development setup

Drawing Shader #1 In which, we test out gl_FragCoord

Drawing Shader #2 In which, we remember that we don't need gl_FragCoord and can just use the interpolated values from a drawn square.

Drawing Shader #3 In which, we expand our fictional world to include a sphere and a camera. If a ray emanating from the cemera through a pixel intersects the sphere, we draw that pixel in white.

Drawing Shader #4 In which, we compute the points at which a ray intersects the sphere, and then use that point to compute diffuse shading.

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