Input any file type - and "translate" it into a targa image
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targa imaging

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Command line tool to "translate" any file type into a TARGA file.

compile :

$ gcc experiments/create-tga-from-any-input.c -o targa-exe

usage :

$ ./targa-exe input-file output-filename dimension

example :

$ ./targa-exe /usr/input/filename.txt /usr/output/filename.tga 1000

yields => a targa image filename.tga that is 1000 x 1000 pixels large

Basically, if you like glitchart and archaic image formats, then you'll love this.

using CUDA 7.5 framework on OSX (wip)

download CUDA 7.5 and follow instructions.

$ brew install clang++-3.7 (this avoids the fun nvcc fatal : The version ('80000') of the host compiler ('Apple clang') is not supported error)

compile :

$ nvcc -ccbin=$(which clang++-3.7) -o targa-exe

usage :

$ ./targa-exe input-file output-filename dimension cuda