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This is a playground for teaching myself WebGL. Checkout each branch to follow the chronicles of my self directed curriculum. I'm looking at lot at The Book of Shaders. The READMEs for each branch also contain more links about specific tasks that can be achieved in WebGL. I'd like to eventually have an explanatory comment for every line of code in each branch as well as add more branches. PRs welcome!

  • 1-hello triangle - the hello world of openGL
  • 2-LOL - more than just triangles!
  • 3-taste the rainbow - animating colors
  • 4-high school math - remembering linear algebra
  • 5-turn around flip it and reverse it - rotating the matrix
  • 6-you spin me right round - interactive events and atan2
  • 10-boxing day - 3D spinning cube *current master

Works in progress...

  • 7-move it along - tbd