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Extra modules for Yate
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webcgi.cpp Basic CGI implementation added. Feb 27, 2015
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webserver.cpp Webserver configuration: configuration parameters inheritance impleme… Feb 27, 2015
websocket.cpp Added XDebugs Apr 16, 2015


Several additional modules for Yate.


This is not my code (mostly). The original code is taken from asterisk long time ago.


This module appends "Date" header to SIP registration response. Some Cisco phones require that header.


Javascript interface to System V IPC (only queues are implemented).


HTTP server module for Yate. It deserves it's own documentation.


Minimalistic web server module for Yate. Requires httpserver module to work. It should have it's own documentation too.


WebSocket (RFC6455) protocol implementation. This module does nothing by it's own. Instead, it can be used by other modules, willing to accept WebSocket connections. Example of such a module can be found in testwebsocket module.

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