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Subtle Pelican Theme

pelican-subtle is a responsive theme for Pelican, modified from the theme by Carey Metcalfe pelivan-svbhack and Giulio Fidente's pelican-svbhack original theme.


You can see the theme in action on my site.


  • Clean, responsive design
  • Profile image and tagline
  • Syntax highlighting for pre blocks
  • Google Analytics (new Unified Analytics)
  • Google Authorship
  • Supports displaying a custom list of links with icons in the sidebar
  • Global keyword support
  • Seach bar
  • Hierarchical menu
  • Amazon links
  • JQuery Datatables integration for prettier tables


You're welcome to look at my source changes, but some of the stuff is hard-coded to my liking and not easily configurable for someone else's site.

Clone the repository, edit your and modify the THEME variable to point to the downloaded theme location.

When developing locally, you may want to set SITEURL to somrething like http://localhost:8000

This theme supports a number of custom variables:

  • GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ID: Your Google Analytics UA-XXXXXXXX-X code (None to disable analytics).
  • GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_PROP: Your Google Analytics property name (None to disable analytics).
  • GOOGLE_PLUS_URL: A link to your Google+ profile. Used for the Google Authorship feature.
  • USER_LOGO_URL: The image to display as the profile image. Can be local or a remote URL.
  • DISQUS_SITENAME: Set this to enable Disqus comments on articles.
  • COLLAPSE_COMMENTS: Set to True to have article comments hidden by default. Clicking on the 'comments' link will toggle visibility.
  • TAGLINE: The site's tagline. Rendered right below the image.
  • SCROLL_TO_CONTENT: If this is set to True, when content is below the sidebar (for example, on mobile), the page will be scrolled down to the content when it loads. An exception is made for the home page.
  • FORCE_PIXELS: Some screens (mostly mobiles) don't use pixels directly and scale based on the concept of a 'display pixel'. Setting this to True tells the device to use actual pixels. Enable with care.
  • MANGLE_EMAILS: If enabled, any emails in the SOCIAL links will be obfuscated in HTML and have their links generated by Javascript when the page loads.
  • GLOBAL_KEYWORDS: A list of strings that will be set as keywords for each page.
  • SERVER_LESS: If True, static/css/style.css will be used as the style (compile it server-side). Otherwise static/css/style.less will be compiled client-side with less.js.


pelican-svbhack is authored by Virantha Ekanayake.

pelican-subtle is authored by pR0Ps.

pelican-svbhack is authored by Giulio Fidente.


Released under MIT License, full details in LICENSE file.


My mods to pelican-svbhack Pelican




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