A simple blockchain implementation in Scala.
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Scala Blockchain

A simple blockchain implementation in Scala. Developed for learning purposes.


The following objects are the core components of this blockchain implementation.


case class Block(index: Int, timestamp: Long, previousHash: String, transactions: List[Transaction]) {
  def hash: String

Sample Block JSON

	"index": 0, // (first block: 0)
	"previousHash": "0", // (hash of previous block, first block is 0) (64 bytes)
	"timestamp": 1465154705, // number of seconds since January 1, 1970
	"nonce": 0, // nonce used to identify the proof-of-work step.
	"transactions": [ // list of transactions inside the block
		{ // transaction 0
			"id": "63ec3ac02f...8d5ebc6dba", // random id (64 bytes)
			"hash": "563b8aa350...3eecfbd26b", // hash taken from the contents of the transaction: sha256 (id + data) (64 bytes)
			"type": "regular", // transaction type (regular, fee, reward)
			"data": {
				"inputs": [], // list of input transactions
				"outputs": [] // list of output transactions
	"hash": "c4e0b8df46...199754d1ed" // hash created from the contents of the block(64 bytes)


  * A wallet class, which encapsulates a list of KeyPair values. A KeyPair
  * has a public key and secret key.
  * @param id the ID of this wallet
  * @param keyPairs the list of KeyPairs in this wallet
class Wallet(id: String, keyPairs: List[KeyPair]) {
  def getPublicKeys: List[String]
  def getPublicKeyByIndex(index: Int): String
  def getSecretByPublicKey(publicKey: String): String
  def doesPublicKeyExist(publicKey: String): Boolean