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OMV Theme Changer

With this tool, you can easily switch between the GUI themes and change part of OMV layout.

There is an OMV theme changer plugin available now:


  • ssh into your server or server console
  • copy paste the code below
    mkdir /root/omv-theme && cd "$_"; wget --no-check-certificate; tar -zxvf master.tar.gz && mv omv-theme-master/* ./ && rm -rf master.tar.gz omv-theme-master/; chmod u+x && ./
  • this will install git (or skip it if already installed), clone the repo under /root/omv-theme create a shortcut in /usr/bin/ so you can run it with omv-theme in terminal


  • in your terminal or server console type


  • select update option from omv-theme menu (all previous changes will remain the same)

alt text


! WARNING all changes will be reverted back to OMV default

  • select uninstall option from omv-theme menu

alt text

OMV discussion board:

Themes screenshots:

alt text

UI customisation

alt text

alt text

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