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This is the codebase for computing effective information (ei), the minimum information partition (MIP), integrated information (phi), and other measures related to the Information Integration Theory of Consciousness (IITC). This is code underlying my [](PhD thesis). It computes psi measure and is by far the fastest implementation of Balduzzi-Tononi-2008 phi. The major restrictions about the code are:

  • It only works for networks of DETERMINISTIC, BINARY nodes.
  • It only works for networks with <= 32 nodes.

Popular Reading

  1. [](Howto for developers)
  2. [](New York Times - Sizing Up Consciousness by Its Bits)
  3. [](Scientific American Mind: A "Complex" Theory of Consciousness)
  4. [](Video: Teaching Machines to Watch Blade Runner)
  5. [](Can Machines Be Conscious?)
  6. [](Consciousness as Integrated Information)

Directly Relevant Academic Papers

  1. [](Consciousness as Integrated Information: a Provisional Manifesto)
  2. [](Integrated Information in Discrete Dynamical Systems: Motivation and Theoretical Framework)
  3. [](Practical measures of integrated information for stationary systems)
  4. [](A Principled Infotheoretic φ-like Measure)

Relationship between IIT and other fields

  1. [](Neuroscience and IIT)

Satellite Papers

  1. [](Measuring information integration)
  2. [](An information integration theory of consciousness)
  3. [;282/5395/1846](Consciousness and Complexity)
  4. [](Qualia: The Geometry of Integrated Information)


& The C++ BOOST library from -- particularly boost/foreach.hpp . If on a mac, you can install these using 'macports' or 'homebrew'.


Run the command 'recompile', which generates an executable 'consciousness'. I.e.,

$ ./recompile $ ./consciousness filename.txt

Computes the measures for the system specified in filename.txt


The directory "e/" contains example systems to compute the phi/psi. For example, to compute the measures for the system "transitions/3RN.txt", you'd do:

$ ./consciousness e/transitions/3RN.txt

The directory 'balduzzi_python' contains the original python code from David Balduzzi to compute the phi in the 2008 paper, "Integrated Information in Discrete Dynamical Systems". The directory 'tests' is a series of simple programs that spit out system diagnostic information. It's unlikely you'll ever need them. You can safely ignore this directory.

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