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Analyzing Bikes Sharing Programa Dataset
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Austin B-cycle

Austin B-cycle is a public bike sharing program that rolled in to Austin in December 2013. The system is owned by the City of Austin and operated by the local 501c3 non-profit Bike Share of Austin. Austin B-cycle immediately broke national records for check outs during SXSW, making it one of the most successful bike-sharing programs in the country. Currently there are 76 B-cycle stations around downtown Austin. You can check their website here:

Analyzing and visualizing the Data

The mail goal of this project is to analyze the data of thee the Austin B-Cycle Bikes Sharing Program such users' behavior to detect market trends.

Let’s start by getting the official datasets…

You can get the official datasets in Austin’s Open Data Portal. Visit this website to get them:

You can read more about this project on my Medium Blog:

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