Face Similarity using Siamese Neural Networks model and dating app profiles generator using a Character-To-Character RNN
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Online dating has become a popular venue to meet new people and possibly find true love. In one of my old posts, I talked about Black Mirror episode “Hand the DJ”, which was about Online Dating in a modern world. But is this futuristic world a million years away from our reality? I don’t think so. Big Data and AI algorithms are the keys to put us in that reality. Read more: https://medium.com/datadriveninvestor/dating-in-the-big-data-and-ai-era-410d1011aec5

This repo contains two notebooks:

-The first notebook called Profile_generator contains the code to generate a new profile from a Dating app profiles dataset, using the Character-To-Character RNN model.

-The second notebook called SiameseNetworksFace contains the code to find similarity in a pair of images.