Mobile App Engineering final project
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Mobile App Engineering final project


Neil Patel (@neilpat1995)
Nikhil Nelson (@nnelson16)
Viral Jogani (@virjog)
Sahishnu Patel (@sash5434)


Captura provides a streamlined approach to learning a new language. Whether you're studying abroad for a semester or simply want to expand your knowledge of languages, Captura makes it easy to do so.
Captura provides the following features:

  1. Image capture/upload from gallery
  2. Image recognition using the Google CloudVision API
  3. Translation into the user's desired language using the Google Translate API
  4. Viewing image history and study mode to review
  5. Text-to-speech integration using the Android Text-to-Speech (TTS) API
  6. Quizzes to test your knowledge of translated terms

Relevant Libraries

The following libraries were used in implementing this project:

  1. Google CloudVision :
  2. Android TTS :
  3. Google Translate :
  4. Bottom Nav:
  5. FAB :

Project Status

Features finished:
-Language Translation
-Image Recognition
-Image Upload from Gallery
-Adding Picture directly from camera
-Refactor UI
-Finetune image recognition so we can get a more accurate description of the image- switched from Clarifai to CloudVision
-Create Quizzes

Features to implement:
-Add barcharts to track quiz scores

Design Mockups

home translation history quizzes new quiz analytics