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ViroCore is SceneKit for Android, a 3D framework for developers to build immersive applications using Java. ViroCore combines a high-performance rendering engine with a descriptive API for creating 3D, AR, and VR apps. While lower-level APIs like OpenGL require you to precisely implement complex rendering algorithms, ViroCore requires only high-level scene descriptions, and code for the interactivity and animations you want your application to perform.

Platforms supported: Android, ARCore, Google Daydream, Samsung GearVR, Google Cardboard VR

Sign up for an API key. The platform is free to use with no limits on distribution.

To report bugs/issues with the Viro platform, please file new issues on this repository.

Instructions for running sample code:

  1. Follow the prerequisite directions on our Quick start guide to setup dependencies for trying these sample projects with the Viro Media App.
  2. Clone the repo into your workspace with git: git clone
  3. Choose the code sample you wish to deploy, and open the root directory in Android studio.
  4. Edit AndroidManifest.xml, and replace "API_KEY_HERE" with the key emailed to you with signup.
  5. Ensure that Instant Run is disabled.
  6. (Optional) Clean and gradle sync.
  7. Build and deploy.
  8. You should now be in the application! Enjoy!

More Information

Viro Media Website:

ViroCore Documentation:

API Reference(Java Docs):

Join our Slack group here.

Check out our blog for tutorials, news, and updates.

Sample Code

AR Hellow World Android

AR Placing Objects

AR Retail

Link to AR Retail tutorial

AR Tesla

AR Black Panther