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virt-bootstrap is a tool providing an easy way to setup the root file system for libvirt-based containers.

It allows to use either a tarball containing the file system or an image on a docker registry and unpacks it either as a folder or in a qcow2 image with backing chains to mimic the docker layers.


  • python 2 or 3
  • skopeo
  • virt-sandbox
  • libguestfs python binding
  • python passlib module
  • python mock module (for tests only)


To test changes without installing the package in your machine, use the run script. For example to run virt-bootstrap, use a command like the following one:

./run src/virtBootstrap/ --help

The following commands will be useful for anyone writing patches:

./ test      # Run local unit test suite
./ pylint    # Run a pylint script against the codebase

Any patches shouldn't change the output of 'test' or 'pylint'. The 'pylint' requires pylint and pycodestyle to be installed.

If coverage is installed, you can generate report using:

coverage run --source=virtBootstrap ./ test
coverage report