Scripts and other crazy stuff I mess around with.
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This is a public repository of all of the crazy stuff I mess around with.  In
here, you'll find shell scripts I wrote to carry out certain tasks, ideas that
made me go "Hmmmm....", source code, and whatever else I happened to be messing
with at the time.  Some of you may find it helpful or interesting, some of you
may not.

A subset of this code may not work, so beware.

Good luck.

Contents: - A hacked /bin/init shell script from Gentoo Linux that is
supposed to go into your initrd when you recompile the kernel.  The idea is
that it asks you for your password twice - the first time as if you'd mistyped
it, the second time as if you'd typed it correctly.  If you gave a different
pre-defined passphrase the first time that's hardcoded in the script it'll
wipe the LUKS headers of your encrypted root volume and wreck the system
(assuming that you created a single LUKS volume and used LVM inside of it).
I haven't tested this yet so be careful.  If you wreck your system I'm not
responsible. - A shell script for Solaris that automagically
adds hosts to a Jumpstart server's client list.  Written for Solaris 10/x86.
Will probably work on Solars 10/SPARC as well. - A SYSV-style initscript for manually controlling i8k fans on
Dell laptops.  Itch scratched. - A script to automate the updating of a mirror of
using rsync. - Shell script that automates the process of
updating /usr/src and /usr/ports on OpenBSD machines from CVS.  Can even do
initial checkouts if they don't already exist. - Shell script for Linux that automates the process of making
.iso images to burn to CD-ROM.

burn_dvd - Shell script for Linux that automates the process of burning DVDs,
either from a directory or as a pre-built .iso iamge.  Can even detect and burn
video DVDs if the directory structures are in place.