This is a rewrite and cleanup of the information gathering, indexing, and analysis system that I use to monitor information sources all over the Internet.
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NOTE: This project is effectively dead. If you're looking at this you should direct yourself to Exocortex Halo. All things considered it's far more advanced and way more useful (unless all you're looking for is sample code to learn how to write your own Python modules...)

This is a catch-all directory for a project I'm calling Exocortex - a system that spiders and indexes arbitrary data sources (Twitter timelines, RSS feeds, and other online storehouses of personally interesting and useful information) and makes it possible to search and extract information from them as needed. This project is likely to be in alpha for a long time because it scratches a couple of personal itches. It's also an excuse for me to learn about some stuff I don't know already, like the guts of XMPP and machine learning.

This is going to be a once in a while project for me, something that I work on when I have a little time and need to do something different. Please don't treat this like the next new thing or the second coming of Alan Turing, I set this Github project up so that there would be a remote repository that I could fall back on.

Written in Python2.


  • SleekXMPP
  • Tweepy