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# Top level configuration used by the entire bot.
# URL to a Searx instance to contact.
searx = http://localhost:8888/?format=json&q=
# URL of the message queue to poll for search requests.
queue = http://localhost:8003/
# Name I should answer to.
bot_name = Waldo
# Default e-mail address to send search results to.
default_email =
# Set the default loglevel of the bot.
loglevel = info
# How often to poll the message queue for orders. Defaults to 60 seconds.
# polling_time = 60
# The SMTP server to e-mail search requests through, when commanded. This
# defaults to 'localhost'.
# smtp_server = localhost
# The e-mail address that search results will be sent from. This is not
# optional.
origin_email_address = the-bots-name
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