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This is a bot which takes URLs submitted via XMPP ("Botname, index https://example.com/foo.html") and submits it to the search engines and web page indexing sites configered in web_indexing_bot.conf. As a proof-of-concept I've included a configuration stanza for YaCy, a distributed, open source search engine which has a couple of use cases.

When using a YaCy instance as one of the search engines you're submitting links to, you'll probably want to ensure the following if you have concerns about random people on the Net submitting links to your instance:

  • Set it for "Search portal for your own web pages" unless you want to participate in the greater YaCy network. Depending on where your YaCy instance is running, you may want to. It's your call.
  • I highly recommend that you run a copy of the exocortex_xmpp_bridge and the web_index_bot on the same server as YaCy so that you can set the "Access from localhost without an account" option on YaCy's User Administration page. Otherwise you'll get 401 (Authorization Required) HTTP errors, so you'll have to hack this bot's config file to work around that. However, you'll also want to think about password protecting your YaCy node's admin pages with a different config option so nobody can roll in there and torch your indices.