Toolbox to create a continuous Delivery Platform with Jenkins-CI for Arch Packages
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Toolbox to create a continuous Delivery Platform with Jenkins-CI for Arch Packages


Project Description

We are currently building every AUR package listed in the aur-packages file. Our get-missing-deps.rb script can iterate at the list and find missing dependencies that aren't satisfied by the official repos. This dep will be added to the aur-packages file as well.

CD System

We have got a completely automated continuous delivery pipeline. Every change to the master branch of this repository will notify our Jenkins-CI. Jenkins runs the create_subjobs.groovy at every notification. The script creates a job definition for every package. The job will run every 20minutes and deploy the package to our own mirror.


We provide a normal repository, add the following to your /etc/pacman.conf:

SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server =$repo/os/$arch/

We also run a modifed version of Arch Linux Archive which holds all official repositories + our AUR repo, you find it at

Requirements for self-hosting

Jenkins Plugins

  • job-dsl - create_subjobs.groovy needs it to create jobs from a DSL Script You need to approve every change of the create_subjobs.groovy script under Manage Jenkins > In-process Script Approval
  • postbuildscript - needed to run post build scripts in DSL
  • [ChuckNorris] ( - Errors fears a Round House Kick from ChuckNorris!

Preperation for mkarchroot

The script works currently with a fix path for the chroot environment, so you have to execute mkarchroot /mnt/aur/build_test/root base-devel


Github Issues


All of this code is based on the AGPL, you can find the license here.



You can meet us in #virtapi at freenode.


We've defined our contribution rules in