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Gox Trading Bot Chrome Extension

This work is based on:

The code was provided for educational/fun purposes and shouldn't be used to trade significant amounts of BTC!

Neither original author nor modifiers of the code are to be responsible for any damage caused by using this bot. There is no warranty of any kind that the source will perform according to any specification/expectations.

You as user are fully responsible for analysing the code and deciding if and how to use it.


Constants in file background.js:

**MaxHoursToKeep** - how many bars are kept in history to calculate EMA trends

**btcPreserve** - amount of BTC that shouldn't be touched by trade (all amount above that will be used)

**btcFiat** - replace with Your currency

**bidWithLastPrice** - bid with last price rather than market price (poorly tested - for now effects in "dead" orders)

Options to configure in run time:

**MtGox API Key** - API key from MtGox
**MtGox API Secret** - API secret from MtGox

**EMAShort/EMALong** - EMA tick lengths

**sellTreshold/buyTreshold** - sell/buy thresholds

**Show last x days** - how many days of history to present

**Enable Trading** - switch between trade and simulation mode
**EMA Timeframe** - interval between ticks

**Last Buy to Sell trigger** - difference in price to keep when selling BTC (comparing to wallet history)

**Last Sell to Buy trigger** - same as above when buying BTC ("sold price" to "bought price" relation,"0" means no difference keeping)


  1. Copy files from github to Your local storage.
  2. Configure background.js according to above specs
  3. Run Chrome and goto "chrome://extensions/" url
  4. Click on (developer mode) "Read extension without package" and choose Your local folder


  • added chart with trends (a link from popup near balance)
  • added hrInterval
  • option to bid with last price rather than market price ()
  • different thresholds buy/sell
  • other minor fixes

  • hrInterval moved to dynamic (UI) options
  • "enableTrade" flag
  • minor layout fixes

  • added history data, gui fixes

  • added balance check using v1 api
  • added buy/sell difference keeper
  • other minor fixes

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