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<cfcomponent output="false" implements="IDocument" hint="Default implementation of IDocument and used by the Mongo class to generate a document.">
<cfset this.model = structNew() />
<cfset variables.mongo = createObject('component', 'MongoDB') />
<cffunction name="init" hint="Constructor. Creates an instance of a MongoDocument.">
<cfargument name="collection_name" type="string" required="true" hint="The name of the collection to which this document is bound." />
<cfargument name="_mongo" type="any" required="false" default="#variables.mongo#" hint="The instance of the Mongo wrapper to which the document is bound." />
<cfset variables.mongo.collection(collection_name) />
<cfset variables.mongo = _mongo />
<cfreturn this />
<cffunction name="setCollection">
<cffunction name="set" hint="Sets a property for the Document" returntype="void">
<cfargument name="property" type="String" />
<cfargument name="value" type="Any" />
<cfset structInsert(this.model,, arguments.value, true) />
<cffunction name="get" hint="Fetches the value of the given property. Returns null if not found." returntype="Any">
<cfargument name="property" />
<cfset var ret_val = javacast('null', '') />
<cfset ret_val = this.model[] />
<cfcatch type="Expression">
<!--- want to return null --->
<cfreturn ret_val />
<cffunction name="remove" returntype="void" hint="Removes a property form a Document. **NOT IMPLEMENTED**">
<cfargument name="property" hint="Removes the given property if it exists." />
<cfthrow type="NotImplementedException" message="To Do.">
<cffunction name="save" returntype="String">
<cfreturn mongo.put(this.model) />
<cffunction name="delete" returntype="void" hint="Deletes this Document from the Collection">
<cfset mongo.deleteById(this.model['_id']) />
<cffunction name="update" hint="Performs in-place update of the the value for 'property'. NOT IMPLEMENTED">
<cfargument name="property">
<cfargument name="value">
<cfthrow type="NotImplementedException" message="To Do.">
<cffunction name="validate" hint="Should be called before save() to perform any required validation. NOT IMPLEMENTED" returntype="void">
<cfthrow type="NotImplementedException" message="To Do.">
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