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<cfcomponent output="false">
//This maybe should be a config object
config = {
server_name = 'localhost',
server_port = 27017,
db_name = 'default_db',
collection_name = 'default_collection'
//maybe this goes in super class? Or make factory for returning mongos
mongo1 = factory.createMongo(config);
mongo = createObject('java', 'com.mongodb.Mongo').init( variables.config.server_name , variables.config.server_port );
db = mongo.getDb(config.db_name);
collection = db.getCollection(config.collection_name);
expression_builder = createObject('component', 'ExpressionBuilder') ;
DSL for MongoDB searches:
results = mongo.getCollection('blog').
startsWith('name','foo'). //string
endsWith('title','bar'). //string
exists('field','value'). //string
regex('field','value'). //string
eq('field','value'). //numeric
lt('field','value'). //numeric
gt('field','value'). //numeric
gte('field','value'). //numeric
lte('field','value'). //numeric
in('field','value'). //array
nin('field','value'). //array
mod('field','value'). //numeric
size('field','value'). //numeric
search('title,author,date', limit, start);
builder = createObject('component','ExpressionBuilder');
function getMongo(){
return mongo;
function add(key,value,o){
//add key value pair to object ... todo
function put(o){
var doc = createObject('java', 'com.mongodb.BasicDBObject').init();
var id = chr(0);
id = collection.insert(doc).get("_id");
o._id = id; //add the _id object to the struct
return id;
}//end function
function get(field,value){
var q = createObject('java', 'com.mongodb.BasicDBObject').init(field,value);
var cursor = collection.find(q);
} //end function
//when only a string id is available
function getById(id){
var objId = createObject('java','com.mongodb.ObjectId').init(id);
return get("_id", objId);
} //en
function count(){
return collection.getCount();
function findOne(){
return collection.findOne();
} //
function findAll(){
var sort = {pub_date = -1};
var sort_spec = createObject('java', 'com.mongodb.BasicDBObject').init(sort);
return collection.find().sort( sort_spec ).toArray();
} //end function
function delete(o){
var obj = get("_id", o._id);
return collection.remove(obj); //id's of deleted items
} //end function
//Note the ObjectId object. This creates an ObjectId from
//the string representation of
function deleteById(id){
var objId = createObject('java','com.mongodb.ObjectId').init(id);
var obj = get("_id", objId);
return collection.remove(obj); //id's of deleted items
} //en
function update(o){
var obj = get("_id", o._id);
var new_object = createObject('java', 'com.mongodb.BasicDBObject').init(o);
return collection.update(obj, new_object, false, false);
} //end function
//swtich to or create database
function getDB(db_name){
return mongo.getDb(db_name);
//switch to or create collection
function getCollection(collection_name){
collection = db.getCollection(collection_name);
return collection;
function collection(collection_name){
collection = db.getCollection(collection_name);
return this;
function listToStruct(list){
var item = '';
var s = {};
var i = 1;
for(i; i lte listlen(list); i++) {
return s;
Expression Builder Wrappers
function startsWith(element, val){
expression_builder.startsWith(element, val);
return this;
function endsWith(element, val){
expression_builder.endsWith(element, val);
return this;
function exists(element, val){
var regex = '.*' & val & '.*';
expression_builder.exists( element, regex );
return this;
function regex(element, val){
var regex = val;
expression_builder.regex( element, regex );
return this;
function where( js_expression ){
expression_builder.where( js_expression );
return this;
function inArray(element, val){
expression_builder.inArray( element, val );
return this;
//vals should be list or array
function $in(element,vals){
return this;
function $nin(element,vals){
return this;
function $eq(element,val){
return this;
function $ne(element,val){
return this;
function $lt(element,val){
return this;
function $lte(element,val){
return this;
function $gt(element,val){
return this;
function $gte(element,val){
return this;
<cffunction name="search">
<cfargument name="keys_to_return" type="string" required="false" default="" hint="A list of keys to return" />
var key_exp = listToStruct(keys_to_return);
var keys = createObject('java', 'com.mongodb.BasicDBObject').init(key_exp);
var search_results = [];
var criteria = expression_builder.get();
var q = createObject('java', 'com.mongodb.BasicDBObject').init(criteria);
search_results = collection.find(q,keys);
return search_results;
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