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MongoDB client wrapper for ColdFusion

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CFMongoDB is both partial wrapper for the MongoDB Java driver and a document-object mapper for ColdFusion. Additionally, there’s a simple DSL which provides ColdFusion developers the ability to easily search MongoDB document collections.

One of the most appealing aspects is that data can be created as a ColdFusion structure and persisted almost verbatim. Example:


col = 'my_collection':
my_struct = {
  name = 'Orc #getTickCount()#'
  foo = 'bar'
  bar = 123
  'tags'=[ 'cool', 'distributed', 'fast' ]
};, col);

result = mongo.query(col).startsWith('name','Orc').search().limit(20);
writeOutput("Found #results.size()# of #results.totalCount()# Orcs");

//use the native mongo cursor. it is case sensitive!
cursor = result.asCursor();
while( cursor.hasNext() ){
  thisOrc =;
  writeOutput(" name = #thisOrc['name'] <br>");

//use a ColdFusion array of structs. this is not case sensitive
orcs = result.asArray();
for(orc in orcs){
  writeOutput(" name = <br>");


Check out the wiki for additional info :

Collaboration is welcome.

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