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Virtool is a web-based application for diagnosing pathogen infections using high-throughput sequencing.


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Getting Started

See the Virtool documentation to get started with the latest version of Virtool 4.0.0.

About Versions

Virtool is currently undergoing a major transformation into a cloud-native application. This will mean Virtool can scale work across multiple hosts and run natively in Kubernetes and public cloud providers.

For current users and administrators:

  1. Virtool 4.0.0 series should be used for now.
  2. Virtool 4.0.0 series will continue to receive bug and security fixes for the forseeable future.
  3. Virtool 5.0.0 will comprise multiple containerized services that need to run together. A deployment and migration guide will be provided.



All commits must follow the Conventional Commits specification.

These standardized commit messages are used to automatically publish releases using semantic-release after commits are merged to main from successful PRs.


feat: add API support for assigning labels to existing samples

Descriptive bodies and footers are required where necessary to describe the impact of the commit. Use bullets where appropriate.

Additional Requirements

  1. Write in the imperative. For example, "fix bug", not "fixed bug" or "fixes bug".
  2. Don't refer to issues or code reviews. For example, don't write something like this: "make style changes requested in review". Instead, "update styles to improve accessibility".
  3. Commits are not your personal journal. For example, don't write something like this: "got server running again" or "oops. fixed my code smell".

From Tim Pope: A Note About Git Commit Messages