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This project illustrates the capabilities of Virtru's JavaScript SDK.
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Protect and Track Demo

Protect and Track

The Protect and Track Demo leverages the Virtru SDK for JavaScript as well as the TDF Architecture in order to secure files and share them with others, while maintaining visibility and control of your data.

This demo showcases features such as:

  • Securing a file such that only intended recipients can access its data
  • Sharing a secured file with others, using Google Drive, or Dropbox
  • Revoking access to a secured file, so users can no longer access its data

See it Live

Go here to test drive the live demo. Afterwards, check the out Virtru's Developer Hub for a step-by-step guide on how it all works.

Run it Locally

This demo can run on your local environment. Please ensure you meet the prerequisites and follow the steps.


To be able to use Federated OAuth we suggest you to modify your /etc/hosts. This is an optional step, but note the fallback authentication will be email code only.


  • Install a POSIX-compatible environment such as Cygwin or Cmder
  • Install NVM
  • Edit c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts to include

Alternatively you could install Windows Subsystem for Linux and use the instructions below for Linux

Linux / MacOS

  • Install NVM
  • Edit /etc/hosts to include

Getting Started

# Clone the repository
$ git clone

# Change directory
$ cd protect-and-track

# Install node via NVM
$ nvm use

# Install node modules
$ npm ci

# Start the node server
$ sudo npm start

If running successfully, your default browser may automatically open. If not visit

You may be presented with a warning screen with a message similar to "Your connection is not private." This is due to the self-signed SSL certificate when running in development mode. To access the demo:

  • Chrome: Click Advanced then Proceed to (unsafe)
  • Firefox: Click Advanced then Accept the Risk and Continue
  • Safari: Click Show Details then visit this website
  • Opera: Click Help me understand then Proceed to (unsafe)

Getting Help

There are many ways to get our attention:

  • You can join Virtru's Developer Hub Community Slack channel to get your questions answered.
  • You can open a support ticket here.


Copyright © 2019 Virtru Corporation

This repo is released under the MIT license for all artifacts in this repo with the following exceptions which are subject to our Virtru Data Protection Subscription Agreement.

  • virtru-sdk
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