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COVID19 Virtual BioHackathon 2020

...has finished with a lot of collaborations and achievements! The recordings of the meetings and the webinars during the vBH are available on YouTube, and citable with the DOIs on TogoTV (search by "covid19").

Welcome to the covid-19-bh20 wiki!

So far, over 340 people have signed up for the

COVID-19-BH20 Join remotely - April 5-11 2020!

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  1. Setting the agenda
  2. Agenda for the hacking week including information on kick-off, mid-term, wrap-up, and webinars
  3. Choosing topics for the BioHackathon
  4. Example of a deliverable
  5. Attribution and mini-publications
  6. Getting organised
  7. Future events including BioHackathons, conferences and workshop on covid-19, life sciences and semantic web

Code of Conduct (CoC)

We want to state that we want to be inclusive; we do not condone improper behaviour. We abide by a code of conduct:

Please be helpful, considerate, friendly, and respectful towards all other participants and respect the environment. We don't condone harassment or offensive behaviour at our conference. We consider it against our values as human beings. We're voicing our strong, unequivocal support of exemplary behaviour by all participants. More specific details for our CoC can be found on our repository


Major deliverables


Visit the Resources page

Open questions


The following people have signed up. You can no longer add your name, but you can still participate! Use the mailing list and join a group/topic next week. To scale we have to split up in groups.


  • List of communication options for working groups