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package provider
import (
v1 ""
stats ""
// Provider contains the methods required to implement a virtual-kubelet provider.
// Errors produced by these methods should implement an interface from
// package in order for the
// core logic to be able to understand the type of failure.
type Provider interface {
// GetContainerLogs retrieves the logs of a container by name from the provider.
GetContainerLogs(ctx context.Context, namespace, podName, containerName string, opts api.ContainerLogOpts) (io.ReadCloser, error)
// RunInContainer executes a command in a container in the pod, copying data
// between in/out/err and the container's stdin/stdout/stderr.
RunInContainer(ctx context.Context, namespace, podName, containerName string, cmd []string, attach api.AttachIO) error
// ConfigureNode enables a provider to configure the node object that
// will be used for Kubernetes.
ConfigureNode(context.Context, *v1.Node)
// PodMetricsProvider is an optional interface that providers can implement to expose pod stats
type PodMetricsProvider interface {
GetStatsSummary(context.Context) (*stats.Summary, error)
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