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- name: Admiralty Multi-Cluster Scheduler
tag: multicluster-scheduler
org: admiraltyio
- name: Alibaba Cloud Elastic Container Instance (**ECI**)
tag: alibabacloud-eci
- name: AWS Fargate
tag: aws-fargate
- name: Azure Batch
tag: azure-batch
- name: Azure Container Instances (**ACI**)
tag: azure-aci
- name: Elotl Kip
tag: kip
org: elotl
- name: Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface (**CRI**)
tag: cri
- name: Huawei Cloud Container Instance (**CCI**)
tag: huawei-cci
- name: HashiCorp Nomad
tag: nomad
- name: Liqo
tag: liqo
org: liqotech
- name: OpenStack Zun
tag: openstack-zun
- name: Tencent Games Tensile Kube
tag: tensile-kube