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How to Install V Systems Testnet Node

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This page is for testnet. Our latest testnet runs the Fermat release of our software. This guide assumes that you're using a "fresh" ubuntu 18.04 Virtual Machine and also provides directions for setting up the VSYS testnet on a machine using the Java JAR executable. Binaries are available for download here

Install Testnet with the .deb installer

apt install openjdk-8-jre
apt-get install -y openjdk-8-jre-headless
dpkg -i v_systems_0.3.0_testnet.deb

Now it's time to check your vsys config! It's embedded into the deb package and unpacked to /usr/share/vsys/conf/vsys.conf and symlinked to /etc/vsys/vsys.conf. Please read V Systems Testnet Node Configuration File and edit vsys config with caution.

Systemd users can start the node with

sudo systemctl start vsys.service 

and enable autoload on start with

sudo systemctl enable vsys.service

Systemd users can find vsys app logs in journald storage like that

journalctl -u vsys.service -f

You can read about journald tips here.

Default vsys directory (for wallet, blockchain and other node files) is /var/lib/vsys/.vsys/. If you want to change vsys directory, you should change directory in /etc/vsys/vsys.conf

sudo vi /etc/vsys/vsys.conf
vsys {
  directory = <set to your path>
  logging-level = DEBUG

JAR Installation

Download or build latest version of vsys.jar and required configuration file for testnet to any folder, for example /opt/vsys.

Check out the configuration file, it is very important.

Just open it via your favorite text editor, read the documentation of the configuration file.

Then start console, navigate to the folder with the jar file with the command

cd /opt/vsys

and start vsys node with command

java -jar vsys.jar vsys-config.conf

Note: If you want to enable REST API, check the following configurations in vsys-testnet.conf and make sure right values are set

rest-api {
    # Disable node's REST API
    enable = yes

    # For security reasons, bind to local interface only
    # If you want to expose your api to public, change address to
    bind-address = ""

    # Port to listen to REST API requests
    port = 9924

    #api key vsystest2018 for hash 2neEziP8dU5D95rg1BiSpA3seuo5YY5DdYXy6UHzcs5D
    api-key-hash = FCtyd3UCUNBJm8TRsXrqbQ5DBdjcV4ia9ZicSD13bigZ