Ansible modules and playbooks for deploying VMware vSphere SDDC
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Project to deploy complete SDDC stack using Ansible. Initial execution of the workflow will rely upon a hard-coded variables YAML file for ingestion of values.

Ansible Roles

  • esxi-adv-settings - Configure advanced ESXi settings on an ESXi node
  • esxi-host-config - Configure DNS, hostname and NTP settings on an ESXi node
  • esxi-services - Configure ESXi services on an ESXi node
  • esxi-vmk-interfaces - Create/delete VMkernel interfaces on an ESXi node
  • nsxv-cluster-prep - Prepare vCenter cluster for NSX-v
  • nsxv-controllers - Create/delete NSX-v controllers
  • nsxv-license - Assign NSX-v license
  • nsxv-logical-switch - Create/delete NSX-v logical switch
  • nsxv-manager-config - Configure NSX-v Manager
  • nsxv-manager-deploy - Deploy NSX-v Manager OVA to vCenter Server
  • nsxv-manager-roles - Configure NSX-v Manager user roles
  • nsxv-transport-zone - Create/delete NSX-v transport zone
  • vcenter-add-hosts - Add or remove ESXi nodes to vCenter Server
  • vcenter-cluster - Create/delete/modify vCenter cluster
  • vcenter-datacenter - Create/delete vCenter datacenter object
  • vcenter-dvs-migrate - Migrate ESXi nodes to DVS, including VMkernel interfaces
  • vcenter-maintenance-mode - Manage the maintenance mode state of an ESXi node
  • vcenter-networking - Create/delete a Distributed Virtual Switch
  • vcenter-portgroups - Create/delete port groups
  • vcsa-deploy - Deploy vCenter Server Appliance OVA

Ansible Playbooks

  • esxi_sddc_configure.yml - Configure ESXi nodes
  • nsxv_sddc_deploy - Deploy and configure NSX-v Manager and controllers

Identified holes in Ansible VMware modules