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We all love well written docs. But it's not an easy task to produce such. How about letting people collaborate on this?

Project structure

  • smartlinky/ - web project
    • apps/ - django applications
    • docs/ - documentation
    • media/ - media files
  • smartlinky_extension/ - extension for Google Chrome

Deploy on

You can easily deploy it to service.

  1. go to web project root

  2. Set up your environment (you can find more information on help pages

  3. Run deployment script:

    gondor deploy primary master

  4. Run generateplugin management script:

    gondor run primary generateplugin

Deploy on localhost

  1. go to web project root

  2. Install requirements:

    pip install requirements.pip

  3. Synchronize database:

    python ./ syncdb

  4. Run your server:

    python ./ runserver

  5. Run generateplugin management script:

    python ./ generateplugin

Generate plugin

We use only one javascript file for our browser extension and embeddable script. We created a managemant command to generate this file. This file can be embedded on every documentation.

Therefore it's important to generate this file after the deployment.

The generation process uses 3 settings variables:

  • PLUGIN_FILES: The file paths, that are compiled to one file
  • PLUGIN_FILENAME: Filename of generated/compiled file
  • PLUGIN_CONFIG: Configuration for javascript code

The settings for the production environment can be found in