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  1. virtualmin-install virtualmin-install Public

    Shell script to perform a Virtualmin GPL or Professional installation

    Shell 107 64

  2. virtualmin-nginx virtualmin-nginx Public

    Virtualmin plugin to allow use of nginx web server for virtual domain hosting

    Perl 33 12

  3. virtualmin-slavedns virtualmin-slavedns Public

    Virtualmin plugin to manage zones on slave DNS servers

    Perl 4 7

  4. virtualmin-gpl virtualmin-gpl Public

    Virtualmin web hosting control panel for Webmin

    HTML 277 94

  5. virtualmin-registrar virtualmin-registrar Public

    Virtualmin plugin to allow users to register domains through supported registrars from within Virtualmin

    HTML 12 9

  6. virtualmin-multi-login virtualmin-multi-login Public

    Cloudmin plugin to allow users from multiple Virtualmin systems to login to a central system (redirecting them to the one their account is on)

    Perl 6 6


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