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Aksharamukha aims to provide transliteration a.k.a script conversion between various scripts within the Indic cultural sphere. Apart from the simple mapping of characters, Askharamukha also attempts to implement various script/language-specific orthographic conventions (where known) such as vowel lengths, gemination and nasalization. It also provides several customization options to fine-tune and get the desired orthography.

It is a total rewrite of the PHP-based version available here and here.

Aksharamukha as of now supports 66 scripts and 8 romanization methods.

Front End

The front end is written using Quasar and Vue. Use npm install to install all the dependencies and then use quasar dev to start the front end. Also, please point the api to localhost at mixins/ScriptMixin.js.

Back End

The back end is written in Python 3 with Flask. After installing all the libraries, use python3 to intialize the backend server.

The project is released under GNU AGPL 3.0 License

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