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Script Analyzer for Digital Paleography
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This is a prototype of the framework mentioned in the following publicaitons:

Rajan, V. (2014). Framework for Quantitative Analysis of Scripts. Proceedings of Digital Humanities, DH 2014.

Rajan, V. (2015). How Handwriting Evolves: An Initial Quantitative Analysis of the Development of Indic Scripts. Proceedings of the 17th International Graphonomics Society

Rajan, V. (2016). Quantifying Scripts: Defining metrics of characters for quantitative and descriptive analysis. Digital Scholarship in the Humanities.

The framework can be run through file. The individual glyphs can be created/edited by double clicking on one of the boxes of the Script Analyzer window.

The manual for the framework can be accessed from here:

For more information on running the framework or reporting bugs contact

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