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Repository Layout
:core: Everything in the `visad.*` and `edu.ssec.wisc.mcidas.*` namespace.
:deps: Third party dependencies
:examples: VisAD examples with the default namespace (no java package).


	|-- core 
	|   |-- build
	|   |-- lib
	|   `-- src
	|       |-- edu/...
	|       `-- visad/...
	|-- deps
	|   |-- build
	|   `-- src
	|       |-- HTTPClient/...
	|       |-- Jama/...
	|       |-- dods/...
	|       |-- gnu/...
	|       |-- loci/...
	|       |-- ncsa/...
	|       |-- nom/...
	|       `-- ucar/...
	`-- examples
	    |-- build
	    |-- lib
	    `-- src

There are 4 main build files (the old visad/build.xml has been removed).
The main build file `./build.xml` can be used to build the sub-projects
and create the main VisAD distribution files. Each sub-project also has 
its own build file that can be used to perform basic build/clean/jar
operations for just that project.

You can use `ant -p` to display build script target descriptions
for each ant file for more information.

Building the Distribution
Run the following commands:
	git clone
	cd visad
	ant dist

Building the Core
From your working copy you can simply run any of the commands listed by `ant -p`.

If you jar the core it will extract `lib/visaddeps.jar` and include the class files
in the generated visad.jar.

Building the Examples
The examples project build file checks to see if VisAD is available as either a jar file
in the examples project lib directory or in ../core (assuming you checked out all of 
visad). If it cannot find VisAD it attempts to call ../core/build.xml to build it before 
compiling the examples.  If you have VisAD in another location you can compile
the examples as follows:

	ant -Dvisad.dir=<YOUR VISAD DIR> build

VisAD and Eclipse

First, download and install Eclipse. These instructions assume you will be using
Eclipse >= v3.2. There are multiple flavors of Eclipse that can add varying
amounts of bloat. I recommend you keep it simple and stick to "Eclipse IDE for 
Java Developers."  

:Note: These instructions were written from a Mac, so you may have to adjust 
       slightly for your platform.

Create and Checkout Projects

	* From the menubar select `File > Import...`.
	* In the new dialog select `Git > Git Repository` and click `Next`.
	* Copy `` and paste into the `URI` field.
	* (optional) Click `Next` and configure the details of the cloned repository.
	* If you skipped the previous step, simply click `Finish`.

Building from Eclipse

	* From the menubar select `Window > Show View > Ant`.
	* In the `Ant` view tab, right-click and select `Add Buildfiles`.
	* Select the build file for each sub-project created above and click `OK`.
	* In the `Ant` view tab, expand a project and select the build target to run.